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Less could be more

Is there mileage in the old adage that it is unwise to keep all your eggs in one basket?

Most businesses build an expanding customer list; each customer a separate income stream for their business.

Compare this with being employed; one employer, one income stream.

The other business dynamic that requires attention is what you sell to your customers. Would it pay dividends to explore what your customers need rather than what it is you want to sell them?

The idea being that it is your customers who ultimately chose to buy what you sell, and therefore checking out ideas for products with customers is not a bad idea.

But how many products or service plates can you keep spinning on sticks and still have time to manage your business effectively? There is mileage in the idea that by reducing your focus to fewer items you may achieve a bigger impact; more sales, more profits.

This process may also help to improve efficiency. For example, with fewer projects on the go you will have fewer key performance indicators to create and monitor.

Perhaps, after all, less could be more…

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